Our Purpose
The purpose of investigating is to help establish what happened, the veracity of truth and the documents and to identify the responsible person. This is done by carefully documenting the conditions and recognizing all relevant physical evidence. The ability to recognize and properly collect evidence is often times critical. It is no exaggeration to say that in the majority of cases, the private investigator who executes the searches plays a critical role in determining which  evidence will be used in determining the truthfullness of a document, a  partner or a candidate.
Investigation is a difficult and often a  time consuming job. There is no substitute for a careful and thoughtful approach. An investigator must not leap to an immediate conclusion as to what happened based upon limited information but must generate several different theories , keeping the ones that are not eliminated by incoming information. Reasonable inferences about each particular case are produced and collecting information from witnesses and previous collaborators or neighbors. These theories will help guide the investigator to document specific conditions and gaining valuable insights .
The scope of the investigation also extends to considerations of arguments which might be generated in this case  and documenting conditions which would support or refute these arguments.
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