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We are fully committed to the safety of you and your loved ones. If you are 
considering hiring for a job, for your home, or you plan to go into a business, you feel your  partner is not forthcoming, your gut feelings he is not being truthful. Before you sign that contract you want to be sure you are picking, or hiring  the most capable and trustworthy person for that job, or a partnership for that business venture.
We will make sure you are not picking or hiring someone who may put you, your business, your children or family members in danger.

We offer complete background screening services to help put your mind at ease.

Our Experience! 

We specialize in fraud related investigations as our training enables us to specialize in various areas of investigations that primarily affect fraud, theft, kidnapping and stolen Identity. We can be reached at a moment's notice to handle your assignment.

At Alerte Haiti our staff is committed to your case and will approach it with a sense of urgency as we work diligently to achieve the results that will address your concerns. Knowing is a matter of trust, and you can be confident in investigative services of our company. We are the pillar of reliability and will make sure that every Investigation is handled with the utmost precision. Call us to handle your case. We are your best choice for fraud investigations in Haiti  and if you are like us who seek the truth and need someone to guide them in the right direction you will find us to be the answer you need.

No case is too small or too big and trust in our dedication and unending path to uncover the truth! Call us today to discuss your needs and how we can be of assistance or simply fill out the verification form and we will more than happy to have one of our specialists reply to you. 



Nous sommes constamment en contact avec des entreprises locales et internationales qui recherchent du personnel serieux et verifie. Pour une consideration et se positionner, en toute depêche veuillez nous soumettre votre Curriculum Vitae ou Resume en cliquant sur ce lien. Soumettre votre C.V ou Resume



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